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Diaspora is Decentralized! But don't worry! There are lots of other pods you can register at. You can also choose to set up your own pod if you'd like. Thanks to decentralized social networking, any person from any pod can communicate with one another!

Diaspora goes Non-Profit

Help support our mission of decentralizing the social web!

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Since August 27th, 2012, all of Diaspora's development has been done entirely by volunteers out in the open. This has allowed the project to grow in remarkable ways. New features, designs, and improvements have made their way into Diaspora's code, and as such, the project has evolved far beyond what its original founders could have ever expected.

Our community-driven project is now supported and backed by the Free Software Support Network a project by Eben Moglen and the Software Freedom Law Center

By Agreement, FSSN is collaborating with Diaspora to provide support for management of branding, finances and legal assets. By donating to our project, you're helping support the goals and visions of our community. We're working hard to make the social web a better place, and together, we believe that we can make something amazing.


Open Source

Our software is completely free, so grab the code and host it wherever you want! Diaspora is a community effort - contribute on Github


Own your data

Connecting socially is human nature. You shouldn't have to trade away your personal information to participate. Learn More at Diaspora Foundation


Creative Community

Meet people from all over the world who love the Internet and want to see it free as much as you do.