You are here to learn about the diaspora* project?

This is not the official project website. To learn what diaspora* is, how to sign up to an existing pod, or how to set up your own pod, please visit the official project website.

JoinDiaspora has reached its End of Life.

Please see the official announcement post for details on JoinDiaspora's future, and for how to get in touch with the team.

As such, all features are disabled, including the ability to view content, post new content, and the ability to manage your account.

Once the diaspora* project has released a stable version that supports a full account migration, we will enable everyone with a account to migrate their account data to a new home. Unfortunately, we are not able to share a timeline. We will post an update to the announcements account once we're ready, and we will also send a notification email to everyone with a JoinDiaspora account.